The Creators behind...   Rex, Zombie Killer

Rob Anderson -- Writer
Rob is the writer of the comic books Rex, Zombie Killer from Big Dog Ink. He has also written My Little Pony issues for IDW, in both the "Friend Forever" and "Micro-" series. He was the original series editor of, and a contributing writer to, the Great Zombies in History anthology trade paperback published by McFarland Press.

He can be reached at or connect with him on Facebook or on Twitter at @RobertEAnderson.

DaFu Yu -- Artist and Cover Artist
DaFu has done interior art for Zenescope (Grimm Fairy Tales, Wonderland Annual) and covers and interiors for Bluewater Productions (Tony & Cleo). He also collaborated with Rob Anderson on a story in Great Zombies in History, and was the creator/writer/artist on MonkeyQuest, which was a finalist in the Small Press Idol competition. You can see his work at or he can be reached at

Juan Romera -- Colorist (Miniseries Interiors)
Juan Romera is both an artist and a colorist, whose work has been published in many independent comics, including Ghost Telling, Negative Burn, Clockwork, Indie Comics Magazine, Gargoyle by Moonlight and many more. You can see his work at or he can be reached at

E.T. Dollman -- Lettering, Logos, and Design
E.T. is a freelance letterer whose work has appeared in FemForce for AC Comics and in numerous independent comic books. He is the letterer/designer on both Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit and Rex, Zombie Killer. You can view his work at, and reach him at

Kevin Volo -- Colorist (Miniseries Covers; 2012 One-Shot Cover, Interiors, Pin-ups)
Kevin is a freelance colorist as part of HI-FI Color's design team and has worked on several DC titles such as Action Comics, JSA, Nightwing, Booster Gold and Teen Titans. He is also the colorist for WHAM! published by Studio 407 and the colorist for an upcoming project at Oni Press. You can view his work at

Kevin is the creator of, a webcomic community featuring a wide range of webcomics from Manga to Sci-Fi to Comedy. Kevin and DaFu are also collaborators on the Kickstarter-funded webcomic Max & Thorne.

Paul Allor -- Editor
Paul is a comic book writer of titles such as TMNT: Fugitoid and TMNT: Shredder from IDW, Pathfinder: Goblins! from Dynamite, and Orc Girl from Challenger comics. Paul is also the editor on Image Comics' Sheltered, as well as numerous independent comics. Paul is the author of the anthology, Clockwork, Volume 1, published by Gov’t Comics. Additionally, he is on the staff at Andy Schmidt’s Comics Experience. You can reach him at or follow him on Twitter at @PaulAllor.

Mike Gallagher -- Pin-Up Artist (2012 One-Shot)
Mike is the artist on PKD Media's Mercury and the Murd. He was also the artist on the three-issue miniseries, Ruin, published by Alterna Press and Closed System, published by BullSpec magazine. He is also one of the hosts of the Comic Geek Speak podcast. You can view his work at

Stu Roddy -- Pin-Up Penciller (2012 One-Shot)
Stu Roddy is a Fine Artist who works in several mediums including oil, acrylic, pastels, egg tempera and etching, in addition to his interest in comics pencilling. He attended University of Illinois, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Laguna Beach College of Art Design in California. You can view his work at

Steve Bird -- Pin-Up Inker (2012 One-Shot)
Steve's family took a terrible, rainy, cold Florida vacation when he was a kid. The 7-Eleven near the hotel sold comics. Fast forward about twenty years later and Steve began inking for DC and other companies. Credits include Robin, Blue Beetle, The Outsiders, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Hard Time, Hunter: The Age of Magic, Detective Comics, Checkmate, Birds of Prey, Nightwing, and more. Steve's comics work can be found at