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FANGORIA magazine - Advance Review

"...the talented Rob Anderson offers a wonderfully fresh and different take...charming and highly entertaining...it's pure fun, but so much more...Dafu Yu's artwork is bright and energetic..." (Lee Gambin)

To see the full review, you'll need to pick up a print copy of the magazine, Fangoria #312, April 2012!

RUE MORGUE magazine - Review

"...fun, suspenseful and genuinely moving. Yes, the gorilla is cool, but any comic that brings a tear to this cynical reviewer's eye is a genuine winner." (Pedro Cabezuelo)

To see the full review, you'll need to pick up a print copy of the magazine, Rue Morgue #123, June 2012!

SHOCK TILL YOU DROP - Advance Review

"...one of the most unique horror comics in years... It does feel like a story that takes place in the universe of The Walking Dead right down to the character interactions...this comic is FUN, plain and simple." (Spencer Perry)

Reviews: Rex, Zombie Killer

COMIC BUYERS GUIDE - Tony's Tips - Review

"Terrific characters, crisp writing, good art and storytelling, thrills aplenty...'Rex, Zombie Killer' is a smart, smart comic book..." (Tony Isabella)

To see the full review of this one, you'll need to pick up a print copy of the magazine, Comic Buyers Guide #1692 (Aug 2012) and check out Tony Isabella's Tony's Tips column!

NEWSARAMA - Advance Review

Rated 9 out of 10! "Rob Anderson has created a simple, straightforward story of heroism and camaraderie but spares us the cutesy pretentiousness inherent in most animal tales...Big Dog Ink puts out pretty books on slick stock and this is one of their best. It's 56 pages for $3.50 that is just as good on a re-read. If that final splash page is any indication, Rob Anderson has much more story to tell, and it will only get better from here. I highly recommend this." (Jeff Marsick)

Newsarama Best Shots Advance Reviews

AIN'T IT COOL NEWS - Advance Review

"What’s great about Rex is that it gives us a view of Armageddon through a fresh set of eyes...watching this gang of misfit creatures try to navigate danger (survive the zombies, encounter a biker gang) is a real hoot...and I can’t wait for the next issue. Like the little animals running through it, Rex has a lot of heart." (Mr. Pasty)

Rex Zombie Killer #1


"Rex is so much more than another survival horror book...packs a ton of exciting skull-crushing content...

Many of the pages are overrun with decomposing zombie hordes, or even armies of dogs, yet each panel is well drawn and colored...incredibly moving, and at times hilarious...
" (Jason Clyma)

Rex, Zombie Killer Review


Alex Dueben interviewed writer Rob Anderson and artist DaFu Yu on how their collaboration began, how the Rex, Zombie Killer project came together, why they enjoy working on zombie books, and even shared some character designs and pages from the "Zero" issue.

CBR: Anderson and Yu Kill Zombies with "Rex"


"...solid and fast-paced, with good character development and funny moments thrown in...the $3.50 price tag is a sweetheart deal." (Kurt Anthony Krug)

To see the full review of this one, you'll need to pick up a print copy of the magazine, Comic Buyers Guide #1688 (Apr 2012)!

NERDVANA - Advance Review & Interview

"...the action starts up right away and never really backs off...a very well written and engaging story that goes far beyond just a simple gimmick...I loved this book, and I think you will too." (Bob Leeper)

Rex, Zombie Killer: Some Dogs Don’t Go to Heaven

Featured Segment

"We may have found a zombie comic the whole family can enjoy...

"...at 50 pages for $3.50 it is one of the best bargains on the market...

"...how can you NOT like a gorilla with a baseball bat clobbering no-good greasers while the undead are swooping down on them? You CAN'T not like it!
" (Michael Holmes)

Zurvived: Episode 41 (at the 11:40 mark)


"...this story was overwhelming in a beautiful way and I think if you do not read it, you will be missing something wonderful. What more can you ask from a story than to be touched by it? 'Rex, Zombie Killer' is one of the best surprises of the year." (Bex)

Rex Zombie Killer--Not Your Usual Zombie Hunters


"Slick art...Really well written...definitely doesn't skimp on the zombie action...a book that keeps you turning pages and leaves you wanting more." (Charles Suffel)

Rex, Zombie Killer Review

"Anderson's Rex, Zombie Killer is that rare breed, a fresh take on the zombie genre. He endows his animal protagonists with heart and intelligence, a winning combination that leaves you wanting to read more, more, more!"

-- Corinna Bechko (Writer, Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes)

(Johanna Draper Carlson)

"It’s We3 meets The Walking Dead, as this one-shot follows a group of animals trying to survive zombies."

February 2012 Previews: Yes, It’s Late, But the Books Are Still Good.


Decapitated Dan interviewed writer Rob Anderson and discussed the origins of Rex, Zombie Killer, his collaborators on the book, and Rob's involvement with Andy Schmidt's Comics Experience.

Dark Discussions #90 – Rob Anderson

COMIC BUYERS GUIDE - Feature Article

Rex, Zombie Killer writer, Rob Anderson, was given the opportunity to select his Top 10 Favorite animal-themed comic book covers in Comic Buyers Guide!

Rob had a blast picking the covers, which had cover dates ranging from 1950 to 2011. And it's no big surprise that three of the covers involved gorillas.

To see all of Rob's cover picks, please pick up a print copy of the magazine, Comic Buyer's Guide, #1689 (May 2012).

COMIC SHOP NEWS - Article/Interview

"For decades, we've seen the grim results of confrontations between zombies and human beings--but Rob Anderson and DaFu Yu reveal that the walking dead can be just as troublesome for the animal kingdom!" (Cliff Biggers)

To see the full story and interview of this one, you'll need to pick up your FREE print copy of the newspaper, Comic Shop News #1288 (February 22, 2012), at your local comic shop!

"The book really sings! ...a fun concept, great execution...and it’s got heart. And that’s what a lot of comics today seem to be missing—-a good story, well told, with a reason to exist. Rob and DaFu are actually telling a story that’s about the human spirit..."

-- Andy Schmidt (Writer, 5 Days to Die, former Marvel & IDW Editor)

COMIC ATTACK - Advance Review

"The character designs are great, the zombies look GORE-Geous, and the consistency from panel to panel is spot on. The writing is full of action...[and] tells a story about survival on a different level than what we are bombarded with every month." (Decapitated Dan)

Indie Reviews: Rex Zombie Killer #1


"Just think how shocking it would have been if an ape with a Louisville Slugger came blasting out of Herschel's barn...Not only is it a unique take on the zombie sub-genre, but it's one helluva bargain at just $3.50 for a book over 50 pages long!" (Doctor Gash)

Animals Versus The Undead in Upcoming Comic Rex, Zombie Killer

"A fun twist on the zombie genre...it has real heart...I want to see what happens next!"

-- Mike Raicht (Writer, Stuff of Legend, former Marvel Editor)


"Rex, Zombie Killer features a gorilla who fights zombies with a baseball bat. But, he's not Rex. Rex is a talking dog. Which means this might be the greatest idea since Hef said, 'add a naked girl in the centerfold.' "

What Makes REX, ZOMBIE KILLER Awesome?

COMIC GEEK SPEAK podcast - Discussion

"My pick of the month!...DaFu's art is absolutely gorgeous...really structured and meticulous...a really cool book!" (Mike Gallagher)

Comic Geek Speak, Episode 1189, Previews

EXAMINER.COM - Advance Review

"...a quick-paced story which lives up to the premise...a pleasure to read...a great start to another innovative creator-owned series which deserves the attention of the quality-seeking comic fan..." (Alex Widen)

Advance Review: REX, ZOMBIE KILLER #1 Takes A Bite Out Of The Undead!

COMIC BOOKED.COM - Advance Review

"...[the] interior art is done by DaFu Yu who has a very unique style...I wouldn’t be surprised if DaFu Yu becomes a household name in the future...if there is a follow up, which I hope there is, I’ll put my pre-order down on it the day it’s announced!" (Skott Jimenez)

Review: Rex, Zombie Killer

BUY ZOMBIE.COM - Advance Review

"If you love animals, you’ll enjoy this book. If you love zombie-themed worlds, you’ll enjoy this book. If you love a great illustrated comic, you’ll love this book...I can’t say enough good things about this one..." (Stuart Conover)

Rex, Zombie Killer Issue 1 Review

THE SIXTH AXIS podcast - Review

"...it's a very strange book, but it's very cool. It's kind of amazing....go buy it!"

Podcast: Episode 64 (at the 48-minute mark)


"I'm going to gush right now...I loved this book, I loved the art, I loved the story...this is just awesome...to say I liked it would be kind of an understatement..." (Judy)

ComicBook Showdown Podcast: Episode 127
(at the 34-minute mark)

FANBOY VERSUS podcast - Review

"Buttercup's my new hero......that little Corgi, oh my gosh, so dang cute!...there's some really funny moments in this...if you enjoy Axe Cop, you would enjoy this...it's just fun..." (Nicole D. Hale)

Fanboy Versus Epispode #100
(at the 1-hour 10-minute mark)

A LITTLE DEAD podcast - Advance Review

"If you enjoyed Beasts Of Burden, and if you love zombies, then I have just the comic for you...This story is a fresh and very interesting take on the zombie genre...I happily recommend this title." (McPierce)

Review: Rex, Zombie Killer (#0 and #1).

AMBER UNMASKED - Advance Review

"[Rex, Zombie Killer] proves that heroines don’t need to wear high heels and capes...Buttercup the Corgi is sweet and brave in this story...I couldn’t help but tweet, 'Go, Buttercup! Go!' when I got to the climactic scene..." (Elizabeth Amber-Love)


HORROR TALK - Advance Review

"What if Homeward Bound had zombies in it?...Anderson really brought different personalities to all of these animals...there's clearly more to each of them than the basics of their breed... This is a heartfelt tale about a group of animals in search for a home. Anyone that's ever rescued a pet will find a connection to one of the creatures in this comic. The fact that they fight zombies is a plus..." (James Ferguson)

"Rex, Zombie Killer #1" Comic Review


"...a dog’s eye view of the genre...makes for fresh storytelling...Anderson weaves a charming yet horrific tale...Yu does a fantastic job of showing the world through the eyes of the animals..." (Shaun Daniels)

It’s a Dog Eat Zombie World

ROCKIN COMICS podcast - Review

"It's fun from the word go...they do a really good job of meshing these two genres...and maintain the fun factor...I liked it a ton more than I thought I was going to. I really enjoyed it..." (Zack)

C2E2 Highlights (at the 6-minute mark)

PANEL PATTER - Advance Review

"The idea is brilliant...art here is top notch...This is an action-packed zombie story...[and] despite being a first issue, we get a really complete story." (Rob McMonigal)

Single Minded: Rex Zombie Killer #1

LIFE WITH KATIE - Advance Review

"Rex isn't like any other zombie story out there....Before you know it, you'll be falling in love with the characters and if you're anything like me, cheering them out loud... It's true. If you'd been in my bedroom while I was reading this, you'd have heard me muttering, 'Go, Buttercup..Go...' You'll be cheering them on and then looking at your own pets just a little bit closer." (Katie)

Comic Book Review: Rex, Zombie Killer.

SECRET IDENTITY podcast - Advance Review

Secret Identity podcast did an advance review of Rex, Zombie Killer #1 and gave an overview of the book and a run-down of their thoughts on it.

Thanks for all the kind words, Matman and Brian Letendre!

Secret Identity Issue #410 (at the 50-minute mark)


"This book has a certain charm that I liked...Rex is a bit of fresh air among the rotting corpse smell of today's zombie fad..." (John 'Doc' Schaefer)

Rex Zombie Killer #1.


Rik Offenberger interviewed writer Rob Anderson and discussed some background information on the animals -- and the world -- of Rex, Zombie Killer.

Rob Anderson talks about Rex, Zombie Killer

BUY ZOMBIE.COM - Interview

Stuart Conover interviewed Rob Anderson, writer of Rex, Zombie Killer and discussed what other animals might appear in the book, what five celebrities Rob would want with him after the zombie apocalypse, and more!

An Interview With Rob Anderson

HORROR TALK - Interview

James Ferguson interviewed Rob Anderson, writer of Rex, Zombie Killer and discussed real-life inspirations for the animals, the secret origins of Rex's hyper-intelligence, and more!

Interview: Rob Anderson


Charles Suffel interviewed writer Rob Anderson and discussed the characters, the publishing background of the book, finding collaborators, and more!

An interview with Rob Anderson

A LITTLE DEAD podcast - Interview

McPierce interviewed artist DaFu Yu and writer Rob Anderson, and we chatted about all the animals, the zombies, and our mutual love of apes!

Episode 140.1 - A Chat With Rob Anderson And DaFu Yu

TWO FOUR FLINCHING video podcast - Interview

Sean Kernick did a brief interview with writer Rob Anderson on Rex, Zombie Killer at the 2011 NC Comicon.

NC Comicon 2011
(at the 1:08 mark)

COMIC BOOK FURY podcast - Interview

Tim Robinson interviewed writer Rob Anderson and discussed the origins of Rex, Zombie Killer, the creative team, and had quite an in-depth chat about Rob's "day job" at Comics Experience as well!

CBF Interviews #2 : Rob Anderson on Rex, Zombie Killer and Comics Experience

COMIC BOOK BIN podcast - Interview

Hervé St-Louis and Dan Horn interviewed writer Rob Anderson and discussed pretty much all aspects of Rex, Zombie Killer.

Comic Book Bin Podcast, February 8 2012

COMIC NEWS INSIDER podcast - Interview

Jimmy Aquino named the zero issue of Rex, Zombie Killer one of his "Top 3 Picks" of the week! And at Heroes Con 2011, writer Rob Anderson got to sit down with Jimmy for a quick chat.

Comic News Insider Episode 335 – Heroes Con (at the 1:39 mark)

COMIXVERSE - Review & Interview

"[DaFu Yu's artwork is]...tight and well executed...[he handles] animals and zombies equally well." They even compared DaFu's work to Tony Moore and Charlie Aldard!

Rex Zombie Killer #0- Review

Comixverse also did an in-depth interview with writer Rob Anderson discussing the connection to Andy Schmidt's Comics Experience courses, Rob's love of animals, and even how he "hears" the voices of the animals in Rex, Zombie Killer.

Rob Anderson and a Pack of Animals

CUP OF GEEK - Article

"Until now, [zombie] stories have focused on the human survivors...What happens to the animals left behind after the zombie apocalypse? Rob answers this question with a well-paced story and amazing art from Dafu Yu." (Joe Sergi)

You should be reading: Rex, Zombie Killer

GAME ON! COMICS - Advance Review

"Dafu Yu, whose art is clean and crisp...is a very nice companion to Anderson's story, which despite the dark nature in the subject is ultimately a story of hope that Yu expresses in the characters to great effect..." (J.R.)

REVIEW: "Rex, Zombie Killer" One-Shot

UNDEAD ZINE Digital Magazine - Article

"Anderson's unique take on the zombie apocalypse is revealed in full...The addition of a few unlikely characters certainly lends the tale a sense of fun..."

UNDEAD ZINE is a digital magazine for the iPad, so if you want to read the article, you'll need to download the app! The article is in UNDEAD ZINE #1 (Summer 2012).

Dog the the Dead